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Legit 6IV for Gen 6 (OR/AS)?

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I noticed PokeFinder skips Gen 6. What is the best way to set all of a Pokémon's IV's to 31 in OR/AS? Or, how can I find the most legitimate PID/nature/whatever to go with that IV spread in Gen 6?

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25 minutes ago, BlackShark said:

There are no PID relations in Gen 6, you can just use any random number.

Hmm. Do you happen to know the chances/odds of getting an all-31 IV starter Pokémon in OR/AS? Like, if I simply made all 6 IVs to 31 and someone else inspected that exact Pokémon on their own PKHeX to check it, would it be obvious it was manually changed or any bytes/blocks of the Pokémon/game to give that away?

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47 minutes ago, BlackShark said:

There is 3DSRNGTool that can be used to encounter Pokemon with your desired IVs. https://github.com/wwwwwwzx/3DSRNGTool/releases/latest

It's not possible to distinguish an edited Pokemon from an RNG'd one.

I tried using that tool the other day, but no idea how to get an initial seed and all that. I saw a guide but couldn't figure it out in the limited time I had.

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