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Can't add pokemon with PkHax


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Hey everyone,

A friend and I are preparing for a fun battle for youtube with hacked pokemon (randomized abilities and all). The problem is, I can't add Fezandipiti to my Scarlet file, simply because PkHax doesn't have the name Fezandipiti. Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?

I do have the DLC already in the Scarlet file, so other DLC mons like Excadrill are in the file without a problem. My friend also had DLC mons in his team, the only problem is this Fezandipiti

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Yeah, i know. I should have the dlc already linked up with my save file, but for some reason i can't put in fezandipiti while something like excadrill is able to be put in. Could it be a problem with pkhax or is the problem my game?

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I know, but it's the only way for me to make the video. Its not like im gonna trade the mons away or anything. I probably just delete them after the battle.

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