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Trouble Editing my SoulSilver SAV

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Hello! I'm having trouble on trying to open my SAV of Pokemon SoulSilver in PKHeX, let me explain:

I play on my Nintendo DS Lite through R4 Cartridge, and then I have exported the SAV on my CARD to the PC. I've could load it on DesMuMe, but PKHeX can't identify it as a SAV.

I want to trigger the Spiky Eared Pichu Event, just for my fun and don't want to go through "cheats" (unsure if PKHeX to trigger an event would be cheating). But I'm stuck with this error.

Could anybody help me? I'm using the lastest version of PKHeX


4781 - Pokemon SoulSilver (U)(Xenophobia).sav

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As @Kaphotics said, Gen4 save files are 512KB, not 1MB. So there could be some issues in your flashcart/emulator settings.

I trimmed the extra 512KB and it works (I also added a Pichu-Color-Pikachu in your Box 2, so you can directly use it to trigger the Spiky Eared Pichu event).


Pro tip: you can use TWiLight Menu++, a DSi menu replacement, also with flashcarts. In this way you can have the best DS roms compatibility. Take a look here.

4781 - Pokemon SoulSilver (U)(Xenophobia).sav

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