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PB:R&S + Pokewalker Shiny issues

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Okay so I have a an issue, I've been trying to shiny hunt the Pokemon Box gift mons and saved up eggs with the save corruption, biked until they nearly hatched and then put them into another Emerald, like Manaphy hunts,  on my twilight menu on my 2DS but even with 390+ eggs a pokemon, none seem to be hatching shiny and in Pkhex none of the eggs are shown as a hidden shiny for PID and that. So does that just mean I can't hatch one as square/star or does Pkhex not track if your TID matches for it to shiny-ify???

Also I have legal Pokewalker pokemon like the Night Sky Edge Jigglypuff and Clefairy and they don't like to be turned shiny either despite being caught how they're supposed to due to PID issues, I tried RNG and Seed trackers for specific PID and IV's but none of them seemed to work for me or were too clotted up to understand

And I'd like the OT to be from Mitch if possible (male or female is fine) 

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removed excessive images, we don't need screenshots of every single tab for all the pokemon you're trying to edit, unless requested
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