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Help with "Invalid: PID+ correlation" in my pokemon (pk3-pk4)

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Since 2023 I was catching all the Pokémon in every generation, because LIVINGDEX/SHINYDEX, and I edited some of them because I want a better nature, IV or a matching pokéball. In March I make a copy of my saves to keep a backup in my PC, in case of an failure of my GBA/3DS. I edited the Pokémon with PKSM, and now with PkHex I found an "Alert icon" in some of my Pokémon, and I don´t know how to fix it and see the "Legal!" window. I can´t understand the RGN stuff, so I can´t do any more. Some of that Pokémon are my partners in my adventure by the regions, the evolved Pokémon what need trade, and others are just the result of hours looking for them, like Feebas in Emerald, or just be tired of looking for them, like with Vespiquen and Carnivine in Platinum.

I played every game in Spanish, so if someone can help me to learn to fix the error, or do it for me, I will be really grateful for that
I just don´t want an error when I send them to Pokemon HOME, and see all of them turn into bad eggs

Greetings from Santiago, Chile, and sorry if I make an mistake while I was writing this

Edit: Removed files for privacy.


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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Magicarp said:

Just tried your Swellow on an XY save and looks completely fine to me. No errors found. What did you experience with this pokemon?


In Emerald says this

I capture and win the league with her in my team


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Just tried it on an emerald savefile and you are right. I don't know why it isn't considered legal on gen3 but it is on gen6.

If I had to guess, maybe this is related to this:

"24/03/10 - New Update:
 - Legality: Added Encounter Slot RNG correlation checks for Gen4 (and Gen3). Because Encounter Type PID mismatch wasn't enough!"

I lack the knowledge to narrow down the issue you are experiencing. I hope someone is able to help you with this topic.


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Swellow does not have a valid PID/IV correlation, meaning that the RNG cannot generate the both PID and IVs that your Swellow has.

All your Gen3 Pokémon are like this, even those for Gen4.

>I edited the pokemon with PKSM

If you change the PID/IVs/etc, then they aren't legitimate.

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