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Help resolving some PKhex issues with Pokemon Home.


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Ive been trying to transfer these pokemon into my Home account, however, each and every one of these pokemon show the Error Code 100015 when i try to store them.  my guess is that a majority of these pokemon ONLY evolve in Legends Arceus, and since i used the pk files from the older gens and used a bot to trade them to me in Violet, therefore it doesnt flag as illegal in pkhex, but gets caught in the home system?     additionally, some pokemon like roaming form gimmighoul and kingambit have been making me scratch my head as to what could keep them from being stored in home,   here is copy of the Violet pcdatabin for the problem pokemon.    Thanks in advance!


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Forgot to mention that I genned most of these pokemon during the SM /USUM era, using the pkhex version of that time.  I transfered them to my Home using the Bank Transfer method and they were fine.  I ended up dragging the old hex files to the updated Pkhex and edited them to their evolved forms. That's when I traded them into my Violet game and into Home to no avail

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6 hours ago, Mr-Bleu said:

I read through those file earlier in attempt to figure it out, but im not too sure I understand what it means, could you explain it in a simpler manner? 

Don't edit immutable values from mons that have been through Home, do not spoof transfers where a legal Home transfer is required.

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