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Possible Natures for Gen IV Spreads with Flawless IVs


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Besides the Modest/Timid/Calm/Docile Method 1 spreads, I've read elsewhere that there are additional Hasty/Quirky/Sassy spreads for DPPt, and Sassy/Quiet in HGSS.

I've been able to find a single Method 3 Quirky spread, but can anyone confirm if flawless Hasty, Sassy or Quiet spreads exist in Generation IV? Also, are Method 3 spreads of any utility? They're marked as legal in PKHeX, but references to them are scarce online. Are they actually possible to hit?

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According to PokeGen which is my goto for gen 4 pokemon editing there are several dozen across all methods documented at the the time of it's most recent release. (there is no way i'm typing all that into a spreadsheet :P) AFAIK method 2 and 3 are common to emulators and have basically never been confirmed on og hardware. for more info check this smogon writeup













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Thanks! Converting those to hex, what RNG methods ([H]1/2/3/4) do





correspond to? Are they even possible to hit, emulator or otherwise?

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You probably should stick to Pokefinder and generate values from there. The alphabet methods are a slightly old way of it referring to stuff, and the known methods encompass a few of those in different ways if I’m not mistaken.

I need to find the old document I had describing what covered what, but honestly easier to use Pokefinder and generate whatever stats you want.




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