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Question about generating gen 3 pokemon spreads


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Someone told me that there was a tool for this, specifically to generate almost every possible pokemon with specified ivs or something, as close as to max ivs as possible

My conundrum is that whenever I try to do multi-link battles with myself on pokemon colosseum (4 player), the game will say that the pokemon is not acceptable.

I tried using the admission code in the game to get around this, but the admission code causes wierd behavior when proceeding in multilink connections:



I'm about to try a suggestion with using action replay code manager in dolphin and enter the cheats there, but I don't expect much change.

So if anyone knows this third gen tool and what it's called, please let me know! Thanks.

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Yeah, I tried pokefinder and the tutorials out there. I am missing something as the tool they have and the latest tool I got (the latest official release) are different, the colosseum spread also only have like 10 shadow pokemon. Do you have a build of the latest developer release and know a complete video tutorial? Than ks

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There is a general Colo/XD RNG method, but some pokemon in Colo and XD have specific RNG methods. In Pokefinder, selecting the Colo or XD method will show a second dropdown called "Shadow" that you can pick specific mons from. If it's not on that list, it uses the general Colo/XD method.

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