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CFW/PkHex advice please

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Hey all, I will try to keep this as brief as I can but looking for multiple bits of advice please.

I have my main OLED console to play Violet on.

I also have a 1st gen CFW ( SX OS V7.01 ) switch that I would like to use PkHex on and then local trade any mons created over to my main console.

I have used PkHex before on my 2ds/3ds combo so am aware of how it works in terms of using JK Save feature to export the save, edit as I wish and then Import back into the game to get them working. 

My CFW switch hasnt been used in almost 2 years so im well out of the modded scene in terms of what I should really do with the console or how to get whatever software most people are using these days - I see Atmosphere mentioned alot?

Im I fine with what I have now both hardware and software wise to simply purchase a copy of Scarlet and play on the modded console until I unlock local trading and begin using Jk/Pkhex from here on out? Do both versions of the game have to be on the latest firmware to do so as my CFW console is banned for example?


Thanks in advance and I appreciate im asking a lot in 1 go...Garry

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