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Issues Loading Crystal Save File


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I'm having issues with PKHex not recognizing my Crystal .sav I have downloaded a different crystal save and had not issues loading it. I even tried to open HxD to see if my GBxCart messing with the save at all and there was nothing out of the ordinary I could find. Tried Re-backing up the save multiple times with no success. Any thoughts?


Pokemon Crystal 3.16.23.sav

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1 hour ago, Kaphotics said:

Force loaded it into PKHeX; party doesn't show up, and 5 pokemon in Box 1 have no nicknames.

If this is a ROM Hack, then PKHeX does not support ROM Hacks.

This isn't a ROM hack, it's straight from my genuine cart. That's why I'm so confused.

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18 hours ago, Kaphotics said:

Using other save file editors like Pikasav, the same issues are present.


Try cleaning the cartridge and dump again (do not restore your sav). Likely a corrupt dump... I assume this save file won't run in an emulator.

You were exactly right. The dumper just needed cleaning. Can't believe I didn't try that first. Thanks!

17 hours ago, Atrius97 said:

Are you sure it's a legitimate cart? Bootleg Gameboy carts often store the savefile differently than official carts, and that can result in bad or corrupt dumps.

If you purchased it way back during the original release, then ignore this, but if you purchased it used, it may be a bootleg.

It is actually my original copy that I got as a kid on September 10th 2001... I specifically remember because I brought it to school the very next day.

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