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My hacked 3ds die and my pokemon in there are trapped (?)

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It won't make things faster if you create a new thread after only a few minutes.

3DS save files are encrypted with console specific keys, so you can not just use them on a different console. You have to decrypt them and for that you need your console or at least a backup of your movable.sed.
That's the file where your encryption key is stored, if you don't have a backup of that file from the original console, your saves are lost.
If you have that file, there are ways to decrypt your saves.

Check this https://github.com/wwylele/3ds-save-tool or https://github.com/wwylele/save3ds
Both tools require the movable.sed from your original console and a boot9.bin which you can take from your new console.

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isn't it possible to upload save files, using a modded 3DS with checkpoint or JKSV on it.
i've uploaded lots of save files to my 3ds, some form internet, some from previous consoles.


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