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Questions on missing Korean Distributions for Gen IV

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Hello, I am a new user in projectpokemon.org and I am here to share the mystery gift "Red Genesect," which was distributed in Korea back in 2014, but is missing in card collections. I received a pre-owned Pokémon White 2 and it contained Red Genesect wondercard so I dumped the cartridge and exported this card via PKHeX.

See detailed information about this distribution at: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_local_Korean_event_Pokémon_distributions_(Generation_V)#Cinema_Genesect

The card number is 0136.

Edit:  I later realized it was already there on github but card numbers 111~115 and 136 still could not be obtained from in-game Mystery Gift option from the server or

https://github.com/projectpokemon/EventsGallery/tree/master/Released/Gen 5/Wondercards/KOR

However, I also have questions on Gen IV missing events. I have the pcd files for many Korean Gen IV distributions. I have checked the wonder cards that they the messages are all in exact wording (according to Bulbapedia and other Korean community photos) and gave me all legal Pokémons with correct TID, movesets, items, etc. (According to PKHeX). Since Gen IV collection data for Korean versions is incomplete, I would also like to ask whether pgt files are also necessary.

Card # 0136 - 붉은 게노세크트 선물!.pgf

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Later realized this file was already on github
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  • Ashley5478 changed the title to Questions on missing Korean Distributions for Gen IV

Which gen 4 Korean wondercards do you have? The most important ones missing are the Pikacafe trio (Electivire, Magmortar, Tangrowth) as well as the four early ones (Manaphy, Rayquaza, Deoxys, Darkrai). I have done research on the Pikacafes last month and added the wondercard titles and descriptions to Bulbapedia, but since only a handful of people had the Pikacafe wondercards in the first place I'm not sure if you would have it.

PCD and PGT should both be donated yes, but if you had to choose one the PCD is more important.

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As I researched in Korean webpages, I was able to find bunch of wonder cards (Almost everything!) from the first distribution (Manaphy in March 29 2008), including Pikacafe trios.

BTW, Oak's letter was never distributed to Korean Games so when I attempted to download this gift on Korean Pokémon diamond version from or, I received English version instead, giving the card "Card # 0020 - Get Oak’s Letter!.pcd" so one of the card's ID I have found from the Korean webpage overlaps with "Card # 0020 - 스크린에서 찾아온 아르세우스" (Arceus).

Also interestingly two Munchlax (0012 and 0013) were giving identical cards.

I have attached the files if you are interested in.


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Interesting... I have looked through the wondercards and I think they may be real but I'm not an expert on card legality. The Tangrowth's wondercard description translates correctly and fixes 2 characters I made a mistake on in the Bulbapedia page. Electivire and Magmortar's descriptions also copy Tangrowth's, which would make sense since their titles are copied from each other (and based on the Japanese Saikyou distribution). The Regigigas card is odd though, it uses a wondercard ID of 10, but mine has ID 12.

Do you mind telling me where you found this, or who was hosting this? I have been trying to follow a lead where a friend had a Korean trading partner in 2010 and they shared every Korean wondercard including the missing Pikacafes and redeemed many on their games. But my friend can't log in to that email account anymore and he has no idea who he traded with. I am wondering if the person you found is on a list I made of people who I suspect who could have had the wondercard.

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The cards were given as action replay codes from one of the blogs more than a decade ago.

Source: https://blog.naver.com/PostView.naver?blogId=superhyong&logNo=80113064521

Then I extracted the pcd files from the save file I used with the codes. The blog owner mentioned three websites:

Project Pokemon - http://projectpokemon.org/events
The Pokémon Database - http://www.pkmdb.com/
PKM 다운로드 - http://pkmdb.com/Fenzo Loves You.zip
Only the first link is working, which is THIS website, while other twos are already down.

Unfortunately, the author did not mention how he/she got the pcd file code but it is thought to be created using "Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor.exe" which is mentioned in his/her newer blog post. If the method he/she used is true, then the mystery remains how did the blog owner correctly identified the card numbers for at least 15, 16, 24, 29, 30, 31, 63, and 65. These respective card numbers from the or, matched with ones from the blogpost.

Nevertheless still gives me the legal, legitimate Pokémon from a deliveryman.

BTW there is an oversight in PKHeX where saying Tangrowth's ability cannot have H.A. (Hidden ability Leaf Guard (2)) although the Pokémon should have that ability according to Korean community blog, who have received this gift, as suggested in the first image poster: https://blog.naver.com/PostView.naver?isHttpsRedirect=true&blogId=xaewon&logNo=55995585 

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Great, thanks for the information. I am familiar with most things in that post. Unfortunately superhyong isn't a person I'm aware of or had on my list, but it's possible that is the person who was the contact for my friend or was where that contact obtained the wondercard files. These AR codes seem to be generated through Pokesav, if they are real someone may have backed up their game save file and loaded it up in Pokesav to export an AR code for people to use. It's one of the ways people used to trade Korean Pokemon back then, since Korean games couldn't connect with any other language games they needed to back up a save file to transfer Pokemon using pkm/pcd files.

Fenzo666 was the owner of PKMDB.com, back during the gen 4 years I was told PKMDB was the predecessor to this site (Project Pokemon). Pokemon Mystery Gift Editor is what I used today to look at these wondercard descriptions (I also used it back in 2010), but it seems a few of the Korean characters are improperly read. MGE was used to reload wondercards on your save file for the purpose of redeeming multiple Pokemon from the same wondercard. I have had the ID 27 Milotic wondercard since a few weeks after the event took place (as well as 15, 19, 20, and 24 from research material I was given). I assume Milotic is one of the more common Korean wondercards but that number also matches up with this donation.

Leaf Guard is definitely the correct ability, I fixed that information on Bulbapedia a few months ago. Xaewon was the perfect source since his documentation was great. The reason why PKHeX currently lists the ability error is because the wondercard isn't in the database yet so it looks at the PID of Tangrowth and shows that it should have Chlorophyll.

Even if these wondercards come from Action Replay codes that were made in 2010, I do believe that at least the Pikacafe trio are real since certain information couldn't have been faked. The wondercard titles and descriptions weren't publicly known knowledge until I found them recently, and other than the 2 typos I made for Tangrowth's description, they match perfectly, even seeing how Electivire and Magmortar's description matches Tangrowth's template. My expertise for these Pikacafes is about the distribution details and the spread in the trade community, so I might not be the best source to talk about the wondercards, but hopefully someone else can confirm or deny if these are real as well. Still, I love this find!

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