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Pokémon Scarlet Fashion Files

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Looking for complete dumps of the following:

*Object KFashionUnlockedBag
*Object KFashionUnlockedEyewear
*Object KFashionUnlockedFootwear
*Object KFashionUnlockedGloves
*Object KFashionUnlockedHeadwear
*Object KFashionUnlockedLegwear
*Object KFashionUnlockedPhoneCase

If you have a Scarlet save with all fashion unlocked, or if you're willing to dump it here, please do so.

Thank you in advance!

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1 hour ago, byrneniall39 said:

Has anyone got the new bag reward file for the first global challenge? I missed it and want it its the pokeball bag



also forgot to mention my main game is scarlet so if somebody could dump the correct file would be really appreciated

Fashion block research is very low priority so I am not surprised people aren't doing it.

You could try this:


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The only research I have kinda done into the SV fashion blocks is on the bag block and I assume all  the rest follow the same format which is 8 bytes for an item and it doesn't appear for any set item. So when you purchase an item it just modifies the next unused space. For the 8 bytes, the first two bytes seem to be an items id (from the few examples I have looked at; though all ended in 0B so take this with a grain of salt) and 5th byte is 0x01 if it is new and 0x00 after being viewed.

So for the canvas bag mystery gift,  if the mystery gift data manager doesn't work for you, you can export the block, change the item bytes in an open slot from 0xFFFF to 0xE70B (this should be the correct id) using a tool like HxD and importing it back into your game to try to get the item.

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