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[Question] In Regards of Development Secrecy


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Hey there, 🙂

I am currently developing a tool that uses PKHeX as a dependency. This is a project that I assume will take me a couple months to release and I'm just now asking myself just how secretive I need to be about developing this. Is it safe to be developing based on data manipulation for the Pokémon games without it getting taken down or receiving legal action against me?

I glanced over the PKHeX and Showdown GitHub contributors and there are a vast amount of accounts that have committed to those repositories using accounts that exist for the sole purpose of committing to said repos. Are they hiding their real identity or is it mere coincidence? Am I being too paranoid?

I just want to have fun responsibly. That's all. Any advice?

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It's safe.

Lots of people who haven't used GitHub make accounts to just submit text fixes to tools they use; they might not get involved with anything else hence their narrow contributions.

PKHeX.Core is available on NuGet, and the project has been on GitHub for years with a bunch of other repos consuming the PKHeX.Core dependency. Nothing to be worried about.

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