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Save Extraction For Non-Homebrew Consoles?(3DS)

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I've read the guide linked below, and I have a question

Managing 3DS Saves - Tutorials - Project Pokemon Forums

I know there is a method of extracting saves in DS title carts via third party hardware, I was hoping there would be some way to do so on the 3DS as well. The guide says that you can use a Cybergadget save editor, but it only works on Japanese carts. If I have US carts and do not run a hacked console, am I SOUL? I only want to give myself the gems that were removed for battle tree purposes, but it seems even if you gen these items, you cannot trade them, that only leaves savefile editing as the only viable option. I would prefer not actually jailbreaking any of my consoles(as they are LE and I know there is a risk of bricking involved in the process) and I currently do not have any money to purchase a new console, let alone one that is actually on an older firmware, so I might as well give this thread a shot


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Save extraction and injection without CFW: Cybergadget, Japanese only, as you’ve mentioned.

one could use PowerSaves for extraction only back in the day (plus using a decryption software), but that ain’t exactly an option nowadays if I’m not mistaken.


Frankly, your go to is to hack your device. Any 3DS can be hacked. And the brick risk, while exists, is extremely extremely low, as long as you follow the instructions closely. I’ve hacked like 10 - 20 devices across the years (mine and others), using a myriad of different methods (through their stages of evolution). I know it isn’t a lot, but still, they all installed CFW safely.

I recommended ntrhax/magnethax (or whatever the cool kids call it nowadays), and it exploits a vulnerability in the hardware itself, so the loophole itself isn’t patchable by software revisions. It would require a magnet, and a DS flashcart tho.

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