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Is it possible to transfer save data between hacked/clean Switch and via versa?

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I’m getting ready to hack my switch which has two accounts as the same as in my other Switch that I’m not planning to hack. But can I transfer save data (from a physical cartridge, not download) to and from each other locally without WiFi? Was planning to it mainly on Pokémon games to use Pkhex.

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The white font colour you have selected makes your post totally unreadable on the light theme FYI.

If the clean Switch is capable of been exploited with the RCM hack then you could extract the saves without booting any sort of CFW: https://suchmememanyskill.github.io/guides/switchextractsaves/

However I don't think you could get the save back on the unhacked Switch without actually running CFW and using a homebrew save manager.

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I’ve removed the formatting.

if you want to transfer saves between hacked and unhacked, it has to be done locally and on the same profile. There’s no way around it.

Even between two unhacked units, you gotta be on the updated firmware + locally + same profile. The official ways operate solely via that method. 

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