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Questions about early game trade and restrictions


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I’m about to get Pokémon Sword and BPSD, I was wondering if there are any restrictions for transferring previous gens Pokémon from HOME to gen 8 games early on.

You know, in the previous iterations, old gen transfers have opened until late/post game.


I’m interested in transferring my Gen III Jirachi, to pokemon Sword and my Gen III Mew to BPSD.
And, what do I need to enable LAN trades in Pokémon Sword?

Thank you!

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To my knowledge, there is no early game restriction to importing pokemon from HOME into your saves, in SWSH, BDSP, or PLA. Exporting pokemon into HOME from those games on the other hand, does have some restrictions.


In SWSH, LAN Mode can be enabled by going to the options/settings menu ingame and holding L & R, and pressing in the Left Stick like a button.
LAN trades on the other hand, are not something we're going to assist you with here, as it's primarily used to distribute wildly illegal pokemon that would otherwise be blocked via SWSH trade servers, and that goes against our policy of "please do not cheat at the expense of others". Handing out illegal (and potentially bannable) pokemon would obviously qualify.

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