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Are Mesprit and Cresselia Shiny-locked or not?


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Hi! When I discovered that there's 40 boxes in BDSP, I decided to have both a Living Dex and a Shiny Living Dex. I then tried to generate a shiny version for each final evolution of each Pokémon. It worked... exept for Mesprit and Cresselia. I was wondering... are they shiny locked? I think I need these details to get one, but I have no clue...

TID - 551160

SID - 1129

TSV - 3430


I don't care about IVs. Can someone help out? Thanks!

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They are not shiny locked.

But the stats are correlated, so you can't just edit them willy-nilly.

I'm busy at the moment so I can't generate legal ones. In the mean time, you could just existing copies that are in the public domain:


Anyhow, you better not be asking for people to trade them to you. As per our last conversation, all your trading requests should be in the same thread.


Edit: Looking at your past conversations, it just seems you are trying to find ways to edge the topic into 'getting a trade'. As such I'm locking this thread. I've also taken the liberty to hide all other threads/comments you've recently made along the lines of 'I want a trade' or 'waiting for sysbot'.

You've already been told: patiently wait for responses on your original thread, or wait for the sysbot. No need to keep creating threads trying to get trades.

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