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SWSH - Shiny Zacian and Shiny Zamazenta (International)


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Using this page to keep track of the dates of this distribution:

Known Countries/Region Shiny Zacian
In-life distribution dates
Shiny Zamazenta
In-life distribution dates
Last day for in-game redemption
Japan, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan Oct 22 to Nov 18, 2021 Nov 25, 2021
United States Oct 22 to Nov 11, 2021 Nov 12 to Nov 26, 2021 Jan 31, 2022
Canada Oct 22 to Nov 04, 2021 Nov 05 to Nov 18, 2021 Jan 31, 2022
United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden/Norway/Finland/Denmark Oct 22 to Nov 18, 2021 Feb 12, 2022
Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland Oct 22 to Nov 18, 2021 Dec 31, 2021
Spain Oct 22 to Nov 18, 2021 Feb 22, 2022
Korea Nov 19 to Dec 31, 2021 Dec 31, 2021

The countries/regions named above would link to their official pages [Either Pokemon or Nintendo or the main participating store] (if any announcement were made).

If you want to view other news pages done on our site:


If you want to visit the download pages:
Shiny Zacian
Shiny Zamazenta


If you'll like to check out more dates/countries data, Bulbapedia has a page up now:

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