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hi when i wanna play pkmn x in citra it is so slow and i couldnt play it showed error 4.3 i fixed it somehow but it is so slow and my log file

when i searched in google it said log is incomplete and the game is very very slow like the fps is 0 or 1 max help me


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I would say ask Citra support. But seeing your CPU in the logfile I'm pretty sure your hardware just isn't strong enough for Citra.

From their FAQ:


Note: The speed of [GAME] will depend on the single-core performance of your processor. Refer to your CPU benchmark in this graph. If it’s below score of 1,800 the [GAME] might not be playable at decent speeds.

Your CPU is rated with a score of only 860 (see here).

Besides that, wrong forum. This has nothing to do with PKHeX.

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42 minutes ago, sri332 said:

no i just wanna play and you guys can help me

We're not a Citra support forum.

Anyhow, you've been told by BlackShark that it appears your computer probably can't handle it.
If you still want to play on Citra despite this, you should go to a Citra Support forum/Discord.


I'm locking this thread cause we won't be able to assist you further. Don't ask us anything relating to this again, okay?
This is for your own good: you're asking the wrong place, find the right place to ask :3

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