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Hello everyone! Here is the presentation of my rom hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heaven. I've always loved Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, but I was always frustrated by the lack of difficulty, and the fact that the game was finishable without using all the QoL offered by the game, like IQ, linked moves and other mechanics. After discovering SkyTemple, I tried to create my own rom hack, and finally get the game I always wanted to play.

With Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Heaven, you can expect : 

- Choose your difficulty
- New starters and new Pokemon from generations 5 to 8.
- New dungeons, boss battles and items. 
- The fairy type added.
- Mega Evolution 
- Shiny Hunting
- And other features.

A secondary version "Explorers of Hell" also exists, and is available by joining the discord. This one has all the dialogues modified with dark humor, so if you are sensitive, I don't recommend you to play it.

In this thread, I will present you some new features, you will also have some screenshots of the game, and you will have some data related to the game, like the list of legendary Pokémon that can be found with the mystery part/secret slab or the list of new attacks. First of all, I want to thank the whole SkyTemple team, this would not have been possible without their engine and hard work. I also want to thank the spriters without whom the new Pokémon could not have appeared in my game. Finally, I would like to thank Mond who generally helped me a lot in the creation of my rom hack. He also created his rom hack: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Alpha, I invite you all to go and see his project. Remember to talk to the Porygon2 in the game crossroad for a detailed list of spécial thanks.


Random features :


- You will have access to "farms" dungeons with the spinda coffee. You will be able to farm the IQ, money, and get some importants items like the Friend Bow.

- Some pokemon abilities have been changed or added. I won't spoil everything, but for example, Cranidos gets Rock Head, Ninetales gets Drought, Ponyta and Rapidash get Quick Feet instead of Run Away etc...

- The puzzles in the Aegis Cave will be much easier to do, the stones will take less time to find, for example the Ice Aegis Cave will only have Unown I, C and E.

- 5 dungeons "Heaven", all with different characteristics (For example, The Hell North will be the succession of all the bosses with "rest room" between 3 bosses) but with an extreme difficulty.

- Some Pokémon will have their shiny forms in the game.  The list of Pokemon and their location is further down in the thread.

- When a legendary Pokémon has 999 IQ, he can change his form to shiny. Giratina will be able to freely change between its two forms when he has 360 IQ. Dialga will be able to change his form and become Primal Dialga with 360 IQ as well.

- The effect of some attacks has been changed. For example, Surf hits the whole room, Knock Off deals damage, Howl affects all allies, and many other changes and adjustments. Speed increasing moves have received a big PP nerf. 

- The speed increase and decrease time has been reduced.

- After graduating from the guild, you will have access to the futures dungeons

- In the basic game, pokemons appear every 36 turns. Here, they will appear every 11 turns.

- All Pokémon in the game will be recruitable, including Purple Kecleon and Arceus.

- The Oran Berry now gives 250 HP.

- Intimidator IQ Skill now has a 16% chance to activate instead of 32%.

- Pokémon now have their egg moves as well as their new attacks in their level up moves.

- The Marowak Dojo will feature 4 very difficult floors and an extremely difficult boss at the end. I recommend you to try it only after finishing the post-game.

- There are many more features, but I let you discover them by playing the game.

New gameplay mechanics :


- After the quiz, you can choose if the starter suits you or not, like in the recent PMD games (thanks to irdkwia).

- You don't have a boring tutorial when you start the first dungeon (thanks to End45).

- Teammates can now activate traps (thanks to Cipnit).

All Pokémon gain experience points, even those that have not been in the dungeon, as in recent PMD games (thanks to irdkwia)

- By pressing start, you can change between automatic and manual mode. The manual mode allows you to completely control your team during their turn (thanks to Cipnit).

- There is the Move Shortcuts system like in the recent PMD games. By pressing L + A/B/X/Y, you can choose a move to use (thanks to End45 and irdkwia).

New Pokémon :


#039 - Vulpix Alola

#040 - Ninetales Alola

#222 - Corsola Alola

#494 - Victini

#495 - Snivy

#496 - Servine

#497 - Serperior

#498 - Tepig

#499 - Pignite 

#500 - Embroar

#501 - Oshawott

#502 - Dewott

#503 - Samurott

#508 - Stoutland

#531 - Audino

#547 - Whimsicott

#556 - Maractus

#560 - Scrafty

#568 - Trubbish

#570 - Zorua (+ Hisui Form)

#571 - Zoroark (+ Hisui Form)

#572 - Minccino

#575 - Gothorita

#585 - Deerling

#587 - Emolga

#595 - Joltik

#596 - Galvantula

#609 - Chandelure

#610 - Axew

#619 - Mienfoo

#623 - Golurk

#625 - Bisharp

#630 - Mandibuzz

#637 - Volcarona

#643 - Reshiram

#644 - Zekrom

#647 - Keldeo

#648 - Meloetta

#649 - Genesect

#650 - Chespin

#653 - Fennekin

#654 - Braixen

#655 - Delphox

#658 - Greninja

#677 - Espurr

#678 - Meowstic-M

#678 - Meowstic-F

#694 - Helioptile

#698 - Amaura

#699 - Aurorus

#700 - Sylveon

#715 - Noivern

#717 - Yveltal

#719 - Diancie 

#720 - Hoopa

#722 - Rowlet 

#723 - Datrix 

#724 - Decidueye

#744 - Rockruff

#753 - Fomantis

#758 - Salazzle

#762 - Tsareena

#768 - Golisopoad 

#769 - Sandygast

#777 - Togedemaru

#780 - Drampa

#789 - Cosmog

#791 - Solgaleo

#793 - Nihilego

#794 - Buzzwole

#795 - Pheromosa

#796 - Xurkitree

#797 - Celesteela

#798 - Kartana

#799 - Guzzlord

#800 - Necrozma

#802 - Marshadow

#803 - Poipole

#804 - Naganadel

#813 - Scorbunny

#814 - Raboot

#815 - Cinderace

#828 - Thievul

#831 - Wooloo

#840 - Appletun

#845 - Cramorant

#858 - Hatterene

#864 - Cursola

#876 - Indeedee-F

#894 - Regieleki

#895 - Regidrago

#890 - Eternatus

New moves :


- Acrobatics 
- Foul Play 
- Liquidation 
- Moonblast 
- Dazzling Gleam 
- Boomburst 
- Searing Shot 
- Play Rough 
- Icicle Crash 
- Scald 
- Mystical Fire
- Solar Blade
- Drill Run 
- Disarming Voice 
- Fairy Wind 
- Brutal Swing 
- Relic Song 
- Origin Pulse 
- Precipice Blades 
- Dragon Ascent
- Freeze-Dry 
- Dragon Tail 
- Clear Smog 
- Soak 
- V-Create 
- Heal Pulse 
- Hex 
- Hurricane 
- Psyshock
- Quiver Dance 
- Simple Beam 
- First Impression 
- Spectral Thief 
- Body Press 
- Steel Beam 
- Mind Blown 
- Poltergeist 
- Sludge Wave 
- Volt Switch 
- Psystrike
- High Horsepower 
- Diamond Storm 
- Hyperspace Hole 
- Power-Up Punch 
- Oblivion Wings 
- Dual Shop 
- Wild Charge 
- Smart Strike 
- Prismatic Laser 
- Sunsteel Strike 
- Pyro Ball 
- Dynamax Cannon 
- Flip Turn 
- Triple Axel 
- Dual Wingbeat 
- Scorching Sands 
- Burning Jealousy 
- Leafage 
- Petal Blizzard 
- Pollen Puff 
- Autotomize 
- Bulldoze 
- Night Daze
- Electroweb 
- Razor Shell 
- Leaf Tornado 
- Spirit Shackle 
- Heavy Slam 
- Heat Crash 
- Final Gambit 
- Trop Kick 
- Apple Acid 
- Heart Stamp 
- Draining Kiss 
- Fiery Dance
- Lunge
- Sacred Sword
- Techno Blast



Explorers of Heaven will offer you to participate in a challenge: Master Player. In this challenge, your stats cannot exceed 200, and you will have several quests to complete. By successfully completing the 5 challenges, you will get a special role on our Discord and your name engraved on a stele.

For more information, join the Babou's Guild discord, everything is explained there. Good luck to the most determined players! 


Pokemon shiny location :


- Azumarill - Flooded Valley 5F

- Magikarp - Waterfall Legend 5F

- Umbreon - Mt. Wrestler 3F

- Salamence - Grumble Volcano 5F

- Metagross - Stormy Plain 4F

- Steelix - Dry Dry Desert 5F

- Flygon - Bone-Dry Dunes 4F

- Porygon2 - Icy Crossing 3F

- Luxray - Skull Cave 5F

- Sableye - Murderous Jungle 3F

- PorygonZ - Fossil Cave 4F

- Charizard - Toadwood Forest 4F

- Gardevoir - Spirit Forest 5F

- Altaria - Drum Island 6F 

- Milotic - All Blue 3F

- Ditto - Ruins of Decision 5F

- Claydol - Mt. Bew 4F

- Dusknoir - Shining Space 5F

- Spiritomb - Black World 4F

- Eevee - Final Maze 44F

- Purple Kecleon - Hell/Heaven Center 46F

Legendary Shiny Form (Only Gen 1 to 4 + Eternatus) - 999 IQ
Lugia : Dark Form - 999 IQ
Dialga : Primal Form - 360 IQ 
Giratina : Alternative Form - 360 IQ 
Necrozma : Ultra Form - 600 IQ

Location of Pokemon found with the Mystery Part / Secret Slab


Articuno - Icy Crossing 10F
Zapdos - Far Stormy Plain 4F
Moltres - Upper Grumble Volcano 2F
Mew - Spirit Forest 7F
Celebi - Lost Woods 10F
Latios - Mt. Bew 9F
Latias - Shining Space 6F
Deoxys - The Moon 13F
Heatran - Deep Shining Space 4F
Darkrai - Black World 32F
Victini - Mt. Victory 15F 

Reshiram - Dragonspiral Tower 36F
Zekrom - Dragonspiral Tower 48F
Keldeo - Hoopa's Portal 21F
Meloetta - Melody Tower 9F
Genesect - Hoopa's Portal 38F
Diancie - Hoopa's Portal 7F 
Hoopa - Hoopa's Portal 1F 
Yveltal - Hoopa's Portal 53F
Poipole - Ultra Wormhole 2F
Nihilego - Ultra Wormhole 4F 
Buzzwole - Ultra Wormhole 7F
Pheromosa - Ultra Wormhole 12F 
Xurkitree - Ultra Wormhole 18F
Celesteela - Ultra Wormhole 25F
Kartana - Ultra Wormhole 28F 
Guzzlord - Ultra Wormhole 33F 
Naganadel - Ultra Wormhole 36F
Stakataka - Ultra Wormhole 38F
Blacephalon - Ultra Wormhole 41F 
Cosmog - Ultra Wormhole 43F
Solgaleo - Ultra Wormhole 45F
Necrozma - Ultra Wormhole 49F 
Marshadow - Shadow Carry 15F
Regieleki - Ruins of Decision 6F
Regidrago - Ruins of Decision 12F

All IQ Groups in Heaven and Hell (Thanks to Picalex


Pokemon Locations (Thanks to Migo


Général Guide (Thanks to Smash



New title screen





New starters / partners 




Examples of new boss battles :






New shiny Pokémon





Master Player & Difficulties :




Old PMD Games ref :





Other Screens








Thanks to the spriters for making the portraits of the old and new Pokémon, as well as for the sprites of the Pokémon from generation 5 to 8 :


 - Mond 

- Emmufin / @Ernmuffin

- NeroIntruder

- Blanca

- Noivern / @Notarealnoivern

- Emboarger

- DonkinDo

- Monochrome Kirby / @MonochromeKirby

- Baroness Faron



- Smalusion / @Smalusion

- XxWindpawxX

- Precascer

- Miao

- Deleca7755

- namu

- Wyvernagon / @Z_Serpentriss

- Nooga

- Lovi


Thanks to all the SkyTemple team and its community for their help, especially : 

Parakoopa : The creator of SkyTemple. Without him and his help, my game could never have existed, so a big thank you to him.
Mond : He is the creator of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Alpha. He helped me a lot with the whole game. Without those long hours of calling, the game would never be what it is today. A big thank you to you my friend.
irdkwia, End45, Cipnit, psy_commando : They are the creators of the new mechanics. These guys are incredibly smart, and always ready to help those around them. 
Thanks to the beta testers for spotting the problems of the game, as well as for helping me with the dialogues : 
- Tokie 
- Picalex 
- Felix 95 
- Mega 
- Fafnir 
- Shammywolf363
- Pixel
- MasterKei 
- Mond
Thanks to Fke for designing the text box and the teams stats. Thanks also to all those I didn't mention. Thanks also to all those who followed the progress of the game and who supported the project since the beginning. It's thanks to your messages and your support that I had the motivation to work for several months on this game, so a huge thank you to you, and I hope you will like the result.

You will need to patch a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky Explorer US rom. Avoid using savestates to apply future patches. In the file, you will have a tutorial to patch your rom. 

Joining the discord will be essential for your adventure. Indeed, you will find there the rom for Explorers of Hell, an active community, guides, information, news about the next updates, and especially: You can try the Master Player challenge! So think about joining us if you want to try the adventure! Here is the link : https://discord.gg/6QbPHYZDtg



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  • babou changed the title to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Explorers of Heaven
  • 2 weeks later...

One more suggestion Babou ,that I also following your Discord account of this game.., Why not develop another version of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Heaven and Hell, but this time a randomizer one, with shinies, and with difficult level we could chose?

a randomizer version could be more defiant..

Only one user on Project Pokemon had made it before:


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V2.2. -- At the end of Dragonspiral Tower, Zekrom and Reshiram cause the game to freeze (I checked the ROM with Skemple, it could be a file size issue with Reshiram)... you also made this a quicksave dungeon so unwary players will lose their items after the crash when reloading their save file.

Edit: Also, I can't get Mystery Part/Secret Slab mons to spawn, even with turning off "required item" in Skemple.

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  • 6 months later...

I've played pmd Explorers of Heaven on V2.2 and for some reason, it kept on saying "Save failed." This wasn't a problem for the most part because I could just use .state files. However, after I beat the main story line I realized I couldn't get to the post-game. This is only a problem with 2.2 as I tried it with previous versions and I could save in those.

Edited by Fire_Bird
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On 4/2/2023 at 5:53 AM, oblviionmatt said:

Been playing this game on the expert mode and it took me to level 13 just to beat koffing and zubat at the start because I took Vulpix! Looking forward to this challenge a lot!

Took me level 12 on vanilla I'm stuck in groudon at level 50 dude

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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...

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