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Stadium prize mons


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I was playing stadium and ended up with prize Hitmonlee (attached). This Hitmonlee was transferred to Yellow, then to Crystal which is why it's .pk2. I also have already removed its Normal Box, but that's what it was holding. Two questions about this mon:

1. Double Kick and Meditate are flagged as illegal, even though this is a mon that can be obtained in a legal manner (not here to argue about the legitimacy of emulation, so let's just say it's theoretically possible). Is this deliberate or an oversight?

2. As far as I can see, there is no way to identify this mon as being obtained by clearing round 1 of gym leader castle. Theoretically if I were to clear castle a second time and obtain a second prize mon, what would tell Crystal that it was obtained in round 2 instead? At first I thought OTTID, but those are both 02000, STADIUM. Could it be that Crystal assumes the first prize mon is round 1, and the second is round 2? This question of course addresses whether or not the transferred mon holds a Normal or Gorgeous box.

Thanks for the thoughts!



106 - HITMONLEE - 266C.pk2

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