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Error pokemon Ultra Sun game

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I was using pksm to edit the save of my pokemon ultra sun card game so, after saving it everytime I try to start my game in 3ds I get the error showed in picture.Is there any way to recover my pokemon ultra sun game?I have an original pokemon ultra sun game card.sorry if I am in wrong place.thanks for any help.


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is there any way I could access my save?IMy game can be read by my 3ds.but I cannot restore my save.when I try do this in checkpoint the list of backps of pokemon ultra sun doesn't appear.In FBI I got the msg in attchment and in JKSM  I got this msg:this file cannot be opened when I tried erasing the save.thanks for any help



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I could not acess the save from my cartridge.

1-the game is in slot.

2-I can see it in home screen;

the error I get when I start it is the one in img from the first post in this topic;

3-when I open checkpoint I just find the US that is in my SD card but the CARTRIDGE;

4-when I got to extdata I can see my US  CARTRIDGE;

5-when I use JKSM i got the error: this file cannot be opened when I tried to erase or restore my save from CARTRIDGE;

here are picture of them

any ohter way of restoring my save or recover my CARTDRIGE?



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On 2/17/2021 at 9:10 AM, paf said:

about luma and starting the game in  a non-CFW device


luma.pngoutro ds.png

I don’t remember which version is the latest, just check against their GitHub.

I’m assuming the second image being trying to boot the cart in non CFW device. If so, looks like the cart is effed. Perhaps clean the contacts in the cart and try one more time.

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24 minutes ago, paf said:

I cleaned a lot.evertime I put my game in slot the game is read.I have the last version of luma.I'd like a way to access my sav that I could.I beleive pksm messed ut my cartdrige

I don't enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but it's possible that your cart (or part of the ROM data) died.

I can't say for sure that PKSM messed up your save. If the issue was only a save being corrupt, you should be able to reset the save via loading the game.
However, it appears that even vanilla devices have issues loading the cart (based on the picture you showed us). This suggests the cart, or the ROM data, is dead/impacted to some extent..

Hard to determine who that culprit is, but there's a chance that PKSM was innocent and was trying to load your save while your cart/data died.

At the very least, it appears the ROM header is fine, since the logo shows up on the 3DS, so that is good news.
Tho, it remains that a vanilla 3DS cannot even boot your cart.

At this stage, I don't know what you can do. Try scouring the net for similar issues, and see if they got it resolved.

(Also, if your cart cannot be loaded properly on a vanilla 3DS, then I doubt the save [if it even exists] can be extracted by a CFW 3DS)

In the mean time, I'll leave this thread open, in case anyone have any crucial information to chip in.

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