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Gen V Save Tool by Suloku Problem HELP!

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Recently I'm Using "Gen V Save Tool by Suloku" For Editing Hidden Grotto  Like Dragonite.. After I edited the save file and run it in the game it erased my file..  anyone how to use this tool? I'm using Back save just incase.. I want to spawn Dragonite in Hidden Grotto 


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36 minutes ago, NamelessPlayah93 said:


That means that something something the emulator isn’t reading the save right or you aren’t restoring it right. 

If the save is fully corrupt, chances are PKHeX won’t read it. If you wanna be sure, after opening up the edited save in PKHeX, make some kind of change (maybe give yourself an item), then export that newly edited save from PKHeX, then insert into your emu.

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