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0x20D & 0x220 Fateful Encounter Command?

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Hi there

Has anyone had any experience of modifying the two codes that declare the Pokemon species involved in Fateful Encounter events in BW1 and B2W2 (Keldeo, Meloetta etc.)?

The code varies between the two, being 0x220 and 0x20D respectively in BW and B2W2.
It is displayed in script in an example like below:


Meloetta Castelia Cafe Script: (Script #106 in both BW1 & B2W2 versions) - Full Hex is attached just incase

Offset: 91 0x20D
Offset: 93 0x288 0 0x8022 0x8010
Offset: 101 StoreVar 0x8010
Offset: 105 CompareTo 1
Offset: 109 Condition EQUAL

Hex for this portion of script is:

0D 02
88 02 01 00 22 80 23 80
09 00 23 80
08 00 00 00
11 00 01 00


Basically I am just trying to work out how does this script call that specific Pokemon to be a Fateful Encounter / Event Pokemon.

And/or how then to edit that so I can change it so that Pokemon specific does NOT have to be an Event Pokemon. Which would fit nicely into a ROM Hack such as Drayano's Volt White 2 & Blaze Black 2.

I have seen the Pastebin from the BW Scripting thread HERE - Which @Kaphotics filled with all the scripts a few years ago (Which has been a god send to learn from!)

I just can't work out how the command sets the Pokemon species to be 'Event Only', and then how to alter it so it works for non-event Pokemon

Any help would be much appreciated :)


6_106 6_106 Meloetta Event.txt

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I managed to work around this with some trial and error.

I now have scripts for BW & B2W2 where the Meloetta, Keldeo (Moor of Iccuris in BW and Pledge Grove in B2W2) and Genesect P2 Lab Events all work without needing a Fateful Encounter Event Mons.

Also the Reveal Glass Event in B2W2 now works if you bring Tornadus & Thundurus to the shrine and Landorus appears once you get the Glass - similar to BW.

I just need to do the Zoroark and Zorua BW events next when I get chance.

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