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unpatched switch on v10.0.2 can homebrew still be used?

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Hi basically I have this unpatched switch and it has been updated to the latest software version 10.0.2 without me knowing, can I still get homebrew on it or does the latest updates prevent this from being hacked?  Thanks

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10 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

Check the Switch guide.

It depends on your model and make, not the firmware, because it’s hardware vulnerability, not a software one.

use at your own risk.

@theSLAYER Thank you for replying, I checked the switch guide you just posted to check my serial number and I also checked the serial number on another website to double check and as you can see in the picture I attached it seems mine is defiantly the unpatched switch, and will work using the RCM method (hopefully).


I was unsure if homebrew would still work on my switch because it is now on the latest software update, I found a youtube video showing it will work using the latest atmosphere version which I have just downloaded onto my pc. I will use caution, I have another "patched" switch which I use online etc, my unpatched one is for pkhex only nothing else, so will be offline and in airplane mode all the time for extra precaution. 

Screenshot (40).png

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19 minutes ago, Darkyose said:

Make sure you don't show the Serial number anywhere, unless you trust those who you show it to.

Just my advice.


Thanks for the advice, I won't be sharing it with anyone at all, this is why above is only showing half of the serial number. 

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