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  1. Thanks I know about him, I was wondering how you do it on PKHex
  2. how do you get the battle ready symbol to pop up on pokemon that need it to be used online i.e Cobalion
  3. As to my post earlier Thank you all for your hard work and effort!!
  4. Thank you to all of you who work to make PKHeX so amazing as it is, I don't have a clue how many hours you all put into it but you all do an amazing job so Thank you! Would just like to say,,,, I don't know why so many are complaining and asking when the update will be released for the new DLC for Sword/Shield can't we all just enjoy the DLC for what it is for now not forgetting the hours game freak have put into making the DLC as well let's all just have fun and enjoy it for now! *This is not me getting at anyone just my opinion and want people to appreciate what the team behind PKHeX are doing! So please everyone just be thankful we have an amazing site like this with all the hard working individuals that are working on the update and be thankful they are already working on it we are all lucky to have this and enjoy it for all the years they have been doing it, brill JOB to all of you!!!! *clap *clap *clap THANK YOU ALL
  5. I have found this to be when the move is incorrect, I have found to just choose a different move, or if it is the correct move for the correct gen game to just re enter the move, and click legalize option and that sorts it everytime for me
  6. I have now sorted this issue, I will write how I sorted this below so if anyone else gets this problem they will know how to solve it. Ok so as mentioned my CFW switch would not trade wireless local communication in Y-commn on pokemon SW/SH when using CFW to trade to my non-CFW legit switch, no matter if either console was connected to the internet fully or using 90DNS or if either wasn't connect to any WIFI at all and just using the wireless, I tried it all sorts of ways it would not connect however if the CFW switch was back in non-CFW mode they would connect wireless perfect. I could put the SD card in my laptop and modify the save on PKHex put it back in the CFW switch and the modify save file would be there and it would play off from where I left it but no matter what way around it, it would not connect via wireless locally communication in Y-commn to my non-CFW switch note: both switches were on the same software versions 10.0.2 and both SW/SH where on the same software versions as well 1.1.1 so it wasn't to do with software versions in the consoles or games. Y-commn would work as it should when the CFW switch was in non-CFW mode so I knew there was an issue in the CFW software causing this or the new versions of the software in the console or games patching this to not work . Now onto the fix. So when you go into CFW mode (on my switch using latest atmosphere software when I wrote this 0.12 I think it is) you have the Hekate screen pop up on your switch with your emuMMC options launch , payloads etc following all correct guides I knew it wasn't an issue with files in the SD card when making a emuMMC and emuMMC backups. When you go into payloads and choose fuseeprimary.bin the above issues happen, when you go back to Hekate and choose CFW-emuMMC the above issues happen, when you go back to Hekate and choose stocksysnan or stocksysmmc (note I didn't mention CFW-sysmmc we will get to this option later) this would obviously then run it in non-CFW mode and it'll run off the systems internal memory and though everything would work perfect, it's not what you want as you won't be able to use the edited save files from the SD card it'll be running of internal memory storage so in my case it would start a new game as the save data was in my SD card. With this I tried all sorts of combinations of using CFW transferring saves via checkpoint and then seeing if it worked in non-CFW mode with the SD card still in but nothing would work it would just start a new story not reading from the SD card save data or when in CFW the local communications wouldn't work. I accidentally come across the fix (note I deleted all WIFI settings on both consoles so when in either mode I could make sure both consoles were using wireless communication only and it's safer for using a CFW switch I tried this in non-CFW mode and they connect (you DO NOT NEED to be connect to the internet for the Y-commn local communication to connect between the consoles) when in CFW mode I selected CFW-sysmmc from the launch menu instead to start the CFW on the switch then I went into checkpoint to make a backup of my save file and restore it to play that save file in CFW mode it played where I left off from and the modified save had the extra pokemon I transferred via PKHex into my pokemon Box so now I knew the save edit from PkHex worked as well, I came out of the game went to remove the game card to put in pokemon SW instead of the SH I accidentally turned the console completely off and then it lost it's CFW I booted the console back up and kept the SH game in so I booted it up and it started off from my current save that was on my SD card with the PKHex pokemon. I checked all the local wireless communication in Y-commn it connected to my non-CFW switch and they traded and worked perfectly in local communication and that was the fix. So for some reason to sum it up if you have this issue you can follow this step by step. Turn the switch off completely remove the SD card with the SD card now removed from your switch do whatever you want to the save file on your SD card on your laptop or computer (make backups just in case) after you have done what you need to do put the SD card back into your CFW switch connect your switch to your computer and start the CFW process (RCM method in my case) once on the Hekate menu select "Launch" then select "CFW-sysmmc" then once it's all up and running use checkpoint to backup that save from the SD card then press restore, then check it's playing the correct file with the added save extras you put on it if it is then it's working correctly then exit the game, I also just press restore again in checkpoint after I exit the game to be safe, then turn the switch completely off, but leaving the SD memory card in the console, turn the switch back on now that the switch is in it's legit factory OFW mode so non-CFW then boot up the game and it will be playing the same save file from the SD card with the save file you edited with any extra items pokemon etc you put on it, and now you can connect via local communication to your other switch to trade. DONE. If you do any changes on the save file when in the non-CFW mode so say for instance you progress in the story further or change pokemon in your boxes etc and want to transfer that save with the changes to the SD card you need to turn the switch off completely and start the CFW process again and launch it in CFW-sysmmc then go to checkpoint press backup and then restore (you can rename the file something to help remember which one it is to locate it easier on the computer). This will now update the SD card with any new changes you made to your saved game if you want to get it from the internal memory storage back onto the SD card. I know this is long but I really wanted to be as helpful as I could and provide as much information as I could as it took me a long time to sort this out and figure it out, so hopefully this will save someone else a lot of time. I do not know if this is the way I should have been doing it all along maybe it was but I couldn't find any information anywhere on searching this forum or searching google to confirm this or even somewhere that someone else mentioned doing it this way, as mentioned I kinda found it out by accident but it now works exactly how I want it and I'm really happy with it and how PKHex works. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me out with this issue and taking there time as well Disclaimer anyone trying this method the way I mentioned above is at their own risk I do not take responsibility for anything going wrong or damaging their consoles in this process anyway, use at your own risk. Thanks
  7. But how can they connect online to check the transfer if when I'm in non-CFW mode and have no internet or WIFI settings on either console and am running of the internal memory on both they can trade perfectly via local wireless? There is no way then they can check anything as they aren't connected to any network. Yet once I run the CFW and then press Y-commn it just doesn't connect locally at all? There has to be something in the CFW causing this or I am doing something else wrong. The only way I can take pokemon from PKHex to my save file on my non-CFW switch is to transfer user profiles over and then transfer save data between them each time, this will work however I didn't want to do it this way as it means I'll have to connect to the internet every time I use my CFW switch
  8. @theSLAYER when you used create emuMMC did you select SD file or SD partition?
  9. Just tried something else, I took the SD card out of the CFW switch so run it on non-CFW I disconnected from the internet by deleted my WIFI settings on the switch, booted the game up and it traded locally between the two consoles, so this defiantly confirms there is an issue to do with it when in CFW. Could it be from the latest update perhaps?
  10. If I disconnected my CFW switch from the internet when I go into Y-comm it just jumps out and won't even let me select trade, if I keep trying to press trade quickly before it jumps out the game freezes
  11. It is very odd, I tried everything I can think of. To trade locally do you have to be connected to the WIFI? Or is there another way?
  12. I don't have any crap on my CWF I only installed it yesterday and only thing I have added to it was checkpoint for the save editing that is it. I won't be using it for anything else. I can transfer my user profiles over to each one via locally it's just in game it won't work locally this is the only issue
  13. @theSLAYER So back to what we were talking about yesterday with my CFW switch not doing local trades, I have done some messing around. and found out something odd but interesting. So I decided to do a a process of elimination to this problem, so I started a new game on a new user on my CFW switch but I decided to remove the CFW from the console (so removed the SD card) to run it off the internal memory like it normally would to see if there was a problem with my physical game or the console itself, now when I got to the point in the story you can trade I went into local trades and both consoles connected with each other without an issue and very quick. So with that I knew everything is working as it should with both consoles. Then I decided to start over with the CFW switch so I formatted the SD card transferred all the new files over to the formatted card so basically starting from scratch followed the correct guides again and started the process again with now the console in CFW mode, I booted the game up it started off where I left it when it traded locally without an issue, I and went into local trade ( using all the same WIFI settings that was on it before I put it into CFW mode) and nothing does not work at all will not connect locally. I removed the SD card again booted the switch up to make it run in it's normal format booted up the game it started off where it left off, I connected it to local trade and it worked. So there is defiantly something in CFW causing the local trades not to work? Any idea what could be causing this odd issue, I have searched for hours and can't find anything to why this is happening? When I start the CFW up and copy everything from the internal memory to the SD card using the emuMMC method shouldn't the saved game data be on the memory card? As when I remove the card it must still be on the internal memory as it will load right up from the last save in non-CFW mode, maybe this is the issue? I'm now thinking I have to use checkpoint to copy the save data to the SD card so it will work correctly in CFW mode? will it leave a copy on the internal memory or does it just transfer it to the SD card. Right so I have now used checkpoint to restore the save file to the SD card to make sure it is running off the SD in CFW mode (which I know it should be) but to double check. When I restore the save file and begin the game in CFW mode it will not trade locally at all between the two games, both are on same versions same WIFI etc. The consoles even connect via locally on other things like finding users to add as friends while one switch is in the CFW mode and they connect so now I know the CFW isn't affecting the local connection else where it is only affecting local trades when in the games, I can not understand why they are not trading locally in the games when they work locally out of the game??
  14. Yes you can transfer user profiles between consoles, I have done this, however you will need to connect the CFW switch to the same WIFI to allow local connection to work to transfer the save user profiles between them else they will not connect.
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