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Replacing a lost Pokemon

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Quick background context. GF's first Pokemon game was Shield. Doing trades with randoms to fill her dex, she accidentally traded her favorite Pokemon, Galarian Rapidash, away and was unable to get it back. Hasn't picked up the game since. No way to contact the person she traded with.

I'm hoping someone could generate a look-a-like so that she wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Not 100% on the specifics, but she wasn't too focused on IV's, EV's and what not so randomizing natural occurrences would be fine. Details below:


Pokemon Species: Rapidash - Female
Level: 70
Ability: Run Away
Nickname (If wanted): Beauty
Trainer ID (If specific): Kelsey - 567683
Secret ID (If specific): Unknown
Shiny (Yes or No): No
Egg (Yes or No): No
Nature: Jolly
Pokérus Status: None
Pokéball Captured In: Ultra Ball
EV Stats: Untrained
IV Stats: Two Best IV. Random
Ribbons (If any): Galar Champion Ribbon
Location/Date Met: Glimwood Tangle. December 5, 2019. Level 35

Thank you for any assistance.

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For the sake of whoever who is going to help you, trading them a mon that belongs to your GF account would be of big help.

This way, the helper will get the accurate TID/SID.
With this, they can create a Rapidash that belongs to her.

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Posted (edited)

I would love to help but yeah the getting the TID/SID is the smartest way . Please sent me a message So we can arrange a trade so i can get the TID/SID :) Let's hope timezones won't be much of a problem. I edited to show pics of the pokemon. I just need the correct TID and SID.






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Thanks for this to both of you! Sent a private message so we can get a trade going.
I'll be following up with any developments.

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Apologies for not responding sooner.

We got the trade to happen and everything went perfect! She's ecstatic and just as I hoped, is playing again.
Small hiccup, Apparently in the PokeCenter there's something to do with a Pokemon's memories and there's a couple notes from @Wolfie8pie's storage. But everything is ambiguous enough that it didn't tip anything off.

Couldn't be more happy with how this turned out. Sorry that it's a silly thing given the Pokemon are just a bunch of 1s and 0s and can be easily generated, but I really appreciate you all here.

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