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RAM Dumps For Gens 6 and 7 Needed

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Over the past few months I've been working on and off on mapping RAM in order to extract opposing Pokemon that is currently in the RAM.  I'm forecasting that I will be wrapping up gen 5 sometime in the near future.  However, I'd like to do gen 6 or 7 next, but I'm unable to acquire the needed files on my own and can use some help.  Could someone lend me a hand and provide complete RAM dumps for all of the Pokemon of one Elite Four Member of your choose for both gens 6 and 7?  Just let me know which member it was and which Pokemon was on the field when the RAM was dumped.



Please use the provided saves so that I have a base line for the data.  Also if possible could a RAM dump for the Shiny Execute be done as well for the gen 7 dumps?  Shiny Pokemon assist with narrowing down what certain values are in the RAM.

Pokemon Sun


Pokemon Y


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12 minutes ago, BlackShark said:

I could provide gen 6 dumps. Gen 7 however refuses to produce proper dumps. Luma's RAM dumping is broken since it was implemented ... and BootNTR RAM dumps are missing the relevant data for gen 7 games while it's working fine for gen 6 games.

Having gen 6 would be more than helpful and will keep me busy for a bit.  I’ll figure out some way to get the gen 7 dumps when the time comes.

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