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PKHex Bug: (White 1) "Randomize All Areas" in Forest Tab of Misc Editor Removes a Trainer Star


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Hi, I want to report a bug for PKHex.

I'm editting a White 1 save and clicking "Randomize All Areas" in the Forest Tab of Misc Editor removes a trainer star from my trainer card in-game.


My trainer card before clicking "randomize all areas":


My trainer card after clicking "randomize all areas" and saving in pkhex:



I tried rechecking "complete pokedex" and resetted subway win streaks to re-defeat subway bosses in super single/double, but it didn't give me my star back. My game has already beaten the story and went to hall of fame.


Edit: I made so much progress before I realized this bug. Now I have to go back to the point where I didn't click "Randomize All Areas" and make my progress again. Can someone fix my save to get my trainer star back on my latest save that has made so much progress? I will send my save file through PM if you can fix it.

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On 4/14/2020 at 2:06 AM, Kaphotics said:

Should be fixed in the latest commits, release shortly.


I just tested this on pkhex 20200414 and this bug is not fixed. It still lowers a level on my trainer card. This time it went from white card (level 5) -> gold card (level 4) (Different levels from the time of the original post above)

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