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  1. Hi, I want to suggest a button that would grab and put trainer information from the current loaded save file to the loaded pokemon data so people don't manually have to do it. It would be nice if the button was somewhere here:
  2. I thought this too just recently, was confused
  3. Are there any features in Pokemon Sword/Shield/LGPE where it will be comepletely gone after time passes? To give an example, the Dream World and medals relating to them in BWB2W2 are gone forever and there are no custom servers that successfully revived it to acquire them. Things that can are preserved like the wonder cards do not count. Can you think of any? Please let me know
  4. I just tested this on pkhex 20200414 and this bug is not fixed. It still lowers a level on my trainer card. This time it went from white card (level 5) -> gold card (level 4) (Different levels from the time of the original post above)
  5. Hi I'm looking for a Pokemon White 2 save file that beat Iris for the USA rom that did not use any cheats. Please let me know if you are willing to give either through here for through PM.
  6. Hi, I want to report a bug for PKHex. I'm editting a White 1 save and clicking "Randomize All Areas" in the Forest Tab of Misc Editor removes a trainer star from my trainer card in-game. My trainer card before clicking "randomize all areas": My trainer card after clicking "randomize all areas" and saving in pkhex: I tried rechecking "complete pokedex" and resetted subway win streaks to re-defeat subway bosses in super single/double, but it didn't give me my star back. My game has already beaten the story and went to hall of fame. Edit: I made so much progress before I realized this bug. Now I have to go back to the point where I didn't click "Randomize All Areas" and make my progress again. Can someone fix my save to get my trainer star back on my latest save that has made so much progress? I will send my save file through PM if you can fix it.
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