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  1. My card was one star before editing but if you are right by logic it is ruled out that it was the randomization of the forest areas I apologize for that in particular to you Slayer and the entire pkhex team. is there a way to tweak in the game code to level up that card?
  2. I made the edition after passing the league the first two levels after that there was no problem, then I happened to make gold and when the subway passed the battle I was left in gold I could not upload it more.
  3. ok you are right now my question is what can be the cause of that if: complete the league, the pokedex, the subway, the entratree is at its maximum level and supposedly I have all the accessories?
  4. no, I do not have it. If you like, check the save and if you find another error beforehand, I apologize. I think he is the only one I can find him since he is supposed to have complied with everything else.
  5. The game is 95% legal, the only thing I used tricks was to finish uploading the Entree link and the musical accessories. EVERYTHING else was played without any cheating pkhex I just used it to do things like pass gen 4 pokemon and have legendaries handed out as a mystery gift. I support myself that it was the decision to randomize the areas of the nexus forest because it was the only thing that I retouched with the pkhex nothing else everything was played.
  6. So that was it, the same thing happens to me I wanted to make an almost perfect legal game but the coach's card happens to me the same thing and it should be at the last level and it remains in gold. I also randomized the pokes of the nexus forest to capture.
  7. I have already done all that the game is already finished after the post-game even so my card is still in gold color if you like, check the save and you will see that the game is complete except for that. I have seen that many people use HxD as a hex editor or use other programs to view and edit the game code but I have no experience with it. I found the post of someone that the same thing happened to him and there is the answer but I have no knowledge of how to use the game code, someone who has experience knows how to fix it. ps: my version of the pkhex is the last one.
  8. I've been playing "perfect" legal games starting with a few aids like trades and "broken" punches, but they get back to normal. I recently finished Pokémon White and I dedicated myself to completing the pokedex, having all the legendary events, through the change of DNS and also by pkhex. The icing on the cake has always been that I left the tariner card at its highest level and here I wanted to do it. I completed the pokedex legally, took all 100 battles between the subway super battle levels, I admit I used cheats for musical props and a little help with the tree nexus. however my card is still gold when it should be white in this version case. The truth is that I would appreciate help and I promise to do the DSV. publishes. PS: sorry for my English, I don't speak this language. Pokémon - Edicion Blanca (E) .dsv
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