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Pokemon Ranch Recovery


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Hello, I recently found my old Wii that had my pokemon ranch data from years ago. I would like to rescue them if possible but I no longer have that cartridge. That being said, from the knowledge I have if I manage to find the trainer ID and Secret ID I would be able to rescue them. I have copied the save from the Wii but I have no idea as to get that information as such any help would be very much appreciated. 


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@Zan I don't have real experience dealing with ranch saves, aside for pulling out some of the event mons. (and besides, I don't remember what I did too)

I probably used this. You should familiarize yourself with it and give it a try.


(Also, it looks like the data is encrypted, so it won't be a simple hex searching and pulling drop. You probably need to find a program to decrypt it, if the tool above doesn't help)

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You can use dolphin emulator if your wii isn't homebrew able to decript bin savefiles.

Pkhex doesn't support my pokémon ranch? I saw something in the code one or two weeks ago and thought it was supported, but never got to test it.


EDIT: I decripted it for you using dolphin (needs a nand to be created, either by installing a wii OS wad or any wad at all). Gonna try extracting the mons too (time to remember how to use my own program lol)

EDIT 2: pkhex supports my pokémon ranch, so just drag and drop the savedata.bin file onto it. Be careful though, any pokémon marked as illegal is most likely leftover data in the ranch savefile, as many of them don't have any moves neither original trainer. Just dig trough the pokémon and find yours. Some seem to be hacked pokémon, maybe you used a cheating device or traded a lot?

EDIT 3: I've looked at the savefile with my program. There are pokémon of 2 different trainers/games in the savefile, alongside hailey's pokémon. I don't know how pkhex handles this. If you drag and drop savedata.bin onto PR-extractor.exe you will get all the .pkm files (they are the same as pk4 files, the pk4 wasn't a standard when I coded the apps). They will be sorted by each of the different trainers they were deposited, and hailey's pokémon will also be named differently (you most likely want to left those out, since those are the pokémon hailey trades you when the conditions are met).

EDIT 4: on further checking, it seems pkhex shows the pokémon in order: first haile's (your save has 44 of them, only 4 being in a "legal" state), then the pokémon for each trainer are also in order. Use whatever method you prefer.


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