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Issues with dumping save file with r4 save dongle

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Hi, I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to dump my Pearl save on the PC to check the TSV and get a few Master Balls, but it keeps saying the "save file is invalid, aborted". 


I'm confused why this happens, because I could use the dongle before just fine for my gen4 and 5 games to do the same thing. Anyone got an idea how to fix this?

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Do you happen to have a 3DS around? if it has CFW, it can dump any Gen 4 or 5 games, even those with Infrared as part of the cartridge. (some dumpers can't handle those games)

Hmm, maybe your USB driver is outdated (or conversely too updated)?
Or maybe it's the driver for the dongle itself? Given it's an old piece of tech, not entirely sure if anyone is still around with knowledge about it.

I used the R4i dongle myself to dump saves previously, but at some point I switched over to my 3DS, since it's always with me. Haven't used the dongle in a while..

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It doesn’t allow you to dump it at all? I have the R4i Save Dongle and I’ve had some issues with my file getting corrupted 


I’ve chalked it down to not pressing OK when the file is done copying to the cartridge. Every time I’m 100% sure it’s finish writing data and press the OK when it’s finished I haven’t had issues until recently 

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