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HG/SS/Pt/D/P Sound effects


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Is there anyone on this forum that is able to rip some of the sound effects of a game?

preferrably HG/SS, or else DPPt.

The sound effects from the games aren't to be found anywhere on the internet (I've been bugging google with it so much).

The specific sounds I'm looking for are:

- the wind-ish soundeffect when you enter a battle

- the rolling pokeball when the battle begins (you know, if a trainer battle begins, two little bars show up saying how many pokemon each trainer has, then the soundeffect happens)

- winning against a frontier brain (preferred from HG/SS plz)

- ice beam's sound

- 'taking a hit' sound

---- normal hit

---- super effective hit

---- ultra effective hit (I thought there's a differens between the 2x and 4x damage sound)

other soundeffects are also very welcome!

Thanks in advance!


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They can be extracted to MIDI files, but you need to use the right "soundfont" (basically a set of instrument sounds the MIDI pieces together). I haven't looked too hard but I haven't seen any way to extract the instruments from the games.

What the above means is yes, there is a way but it will not sound entirely true to the game. My music vocabulary isn't very good but what I'd call the "tune" itself will still be obvious, but the way it's played may or may not be similar. Compare it to playing a saxophone piece on flute or something like that...

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well, if thy can be ripped from the game in these midi files as you say, it shoudln't be a problem at all.

Even if they don't sound 100% the same, it's still the idea.

I'm working on a battle simulator in flash, and i needed those sfx, I don't really care if they don't sound the very same as the originals from the game, it's just so the player will notice.

Thanks for the info though ^^

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