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pk2 to pk7: Invalid: Move [1-4] PP is above the amount allowed


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I used Poke Transporter to transfer pokemon from my Pokemon Silver to Pokemon UltraMoon, but some pokemon show incorrect PP in pkhex. In the game the PP show correctly.

In my Pokemon Silver, usually using TM25 ACE to clone these Pokemon, but some show PP correctly, therefore, I don't think it's the reason from incorrect PPs in pkhex

I adjunt the .pk2, the .pk7 with incorrect PPs and a imagen from the error




In the image, all legendary and mythical from gen 1 and 2 are the transfered (first 11 slots), but only Mewtwo, Ho-Oh and Celebi have errors

pk2 and pk7.zip

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13 hours ago, Deadshot626 said:

This seems to still be an issue 9 months later as I am experiencing the same thing on my Heart Gold version. Says 'Invalid: Move 2 PP is above the amount allowed.' but I changed the PP on all pokemon to 0 so must be an error?

perhaps @Kaphotics can check this out.

Can you attach the pk* file?

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In the PK1 and PK2 formats, owing to lack of data space, the PP Ups were packed into the same byte as PP count. The PP Up count is int(byte/64), and the actual PP remaining is byte % 64. Of course, in later formats there's more space to separate those out, but in the case of PP Ups, PKHeX still needs to take that into account when migrating to simulate Transporter, and split the top two bits into the proper place.

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