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[RECRUIT] NDS ROM "Rise of Cynthia"

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Hello everybody!
DISCLAIMER: As this is my first post ever on such community, try to give advices instead of imperative bashing or insults.

No.2 DISCLAIMER: I won't be paying or compensating nobody in any way, I'm sorry. This is intended to be for fans, from fans, I don't know if I'm wrong or not but everyone can have his opinion.

I have been playing some hack-roms recently and enjoyed quite all of them, especially those from none other than king Drayano himself, and I felt motivated to start my own project, centered on the figure of the Gen IV League's Champion, Cynthia.
Since her past, except some main events, is covered in a mist of unknown, I feel like it is about time that it gets unveiled.
But what about it, you may ask.
Well, I have some major ideas that can be developed and further discussed with the help of who desires to join my efforts.

  • the game will be centered in the region of Sinnoh, as there is where she has the only known relatives, being her grandparents and her sister
  • the story will be sort of "usual stuff", as we know she had helped prof. Rowan just as the player does, but with some storyline-kickers
    • she will start the game with a Gible, as to keep the usual 3-stages evolutionary line
    • she will encounter the rest of her Platinum team as event Pokemons
    • she will not battle the same old Gym Leaders, as it is unlikely that they remained the same (or maybe, she won't battle any at all)
    • she will have some other major events that has to cover, being her interest on mithology and legendary Pokemons
    • depending on debates among us, she will or will not face rivals or enemy teams
  • wild Pokemons will cover Gen IV - VI, fairy types included, types nerfs (i.e. Steel), physical and special split, eventually even Megas
  • the post-game isn't required, but any suggestions will be considered


Who do I need?

I am gonna need at least

  • two or more persons to work on sprites, in and out of battle
  • one or more persons to work on text
  • one (or more?) person to work on cutscenes, some reworked and potentially some new
  • one or more persons to join me on plot decisions (don't necessarly need to be others)

Unfortunately, I am very very negated to all technical jobs, but if needed I'll try to cover what possible.



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ayoooo im up for helping. been working on my own rom hack for a while but the end goal is kinda out of my reach atm and to gradually get there i think i should start by working on group projects.


ive been drawing for a lot of my life, but i dont have that much experience in pixel art or sprite work. i can dm you some work ive done if you want. i also have 4 years history of 2d animation, although ive hardly ever done pixel animation


ive worked on the plot of my own rom hack for a while now, but its not much and im not sure if im any good at it

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This is just over-generalization, and won't apply to a lot of people, but people who simply "request/recruit" skilled members without showing any capabilities of doing the work themselves, tend to have an "I expect someone else to use their time and make this for free for me" mentality.
People who themselves have no experience developing ROM hacks tend to not understand the challenges that face them.

It may or may not be related to what I've mentioned, but these projects rarely get actual skilled people. Just a bunch of people who are "interested" and "can't wait to play it". While there is nothing wrong with having 0 contribution to the project, it is sadly against the point of the recruit post :/


In any event, OP hasn't been here since the month they joined.
I'm locking this thread for inactivity; lack of activity related to the intent of the original post.

If OP wants to unlock it, DM me.

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