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is it possible to shiny hunt jirachi without the use of r4 or rng abuse?


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i have a friend with a copy of the colosseum bonus disc and am considering shiny hunting jirachi, but ive been hearing mixed reviews on what is and isnt possible without the use of r4 or rng. i just want to know if its remotely possible to do so just by regular soft reseting of save files. and any ideas what my odds may be like? thanks!

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Yes, it’ll just take forever.

odds, no clue. Would imagine it’s the same odds, but will feel worse since the various scenes and transfer are so slow. And you could only get the Jirachi once per save, so you gotta restart the save just to receive another one...

(I’m not sure if the disc had a transfer limit too..)


TL;DR: it can be done, but didn’t say it was easy.

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Wishmaker Jirachi is generated by checksum. This was specifically done to prevent SR. So if the Jirachi is not shiny, then reset, play the game in some way, save, and try again. If someone has made documentation on how to RNG this by manipulating the checksum then go for it, otherwise its basically a shot in the dark.

You could play the game and contribute zero to the checksum because fun fact, the checksum calc was broken and instead of considering all checksums, if uses one from a specific section based on order of the save parts. And I don't see an easy or possible way to identify your save section order without save editors.

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