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FOUND GBA POKESAV :) but i need help first

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hey last week i found like the some gold mine of gba hacking stuff.

i briefly tried the tools, seemed to work for me.

but, the codes i couldn't seem to get to work, on vba at least. :(

for japanese pokemon emerald.


'Shopping is free' code


BD16E0D2 8C7EA465

Before Encyption

12005230 00000000


02005230 XXXX

is par (pro action replay) = arv3? or 1/2?

nothing happens. can anyone try it themselves?

other codes also don't work :( but ones not on that site do.

i don't think the tools are anywhere on this site, they were tricky to find! how would i go about translating them, would i use a hex editor? is it harder than i think? if it is just replacing text then i'll do it, if it is messing with actual code, debugging, checksums etc then no.

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Are you sure you have the master code activated? I know that the gba games all needed them. But good luck with the translating. If you ask some of the people who translated the pokesav program how they did it they might have the answers you are looking for.

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oh even for vba? you need the master codes? hmmm i'll check it out, though i think he (the dude's site) said it's not needed...

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