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[Bug] CP higher than 10k doesn't set correctly.

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TL;DR: using the Auto CP feature for pokemon who's CP would be higher than 10k does not set the correct CP and instead sets CP to 10000. 

Workaround: Set stats, level, height, weight to desired values, uncheck Auto CP, recheck Auto CP to recalculate CP, it should still say 10000 and give the "Calculated CP does not match stored value" message when checking legality, set pokemon to desired box slot, right click and view the same pokemon again, you should have the Green "legal" check mark, if so set the pokemon to the same box slot it is already in. you should now have a CP of over 10k in game (not displayed in PKhex).

---------------- Original Post --------------------

In PKHex I have found a bug (I think) where an edited pokemon will say it is legal however after viewing another, legal, pokemon, and then viewing the edited pokemon again; it will say the pokemon is not legal.


The specific flag I am getting is "Calculated CP does not match stored value". Now I am pretty sure the edited pokemon is not legal as I am trying to change a pokemon caught in Go Park to have perfect IVs and 200 EVs. I am also trying to change the weight to match the species I am trying to create as I started with a different species caught in go park. However after editing/genning the level/stats/moves/nature/species to the desired species, and copying the height/weight values from a pokemon of the same species, caught in game, the newly genned/edited pokemon will say it is legal until I view another pokemon and then return to viewing the edited pokemon. Again I am assuming the edited pokemon is not actually legal but it says it is after being edited.



Viewing another edited pokemon that also exhibits this same bug, after viewing and edited pokemon that gives the above error, will flag the second edited pokemon as legal unitl you view a legally caught pokemon and viewing the edited mon again. Also editing the weight/hieght values of the edited mon to be outside of possible range for that species still yield the appropriate legality flag in PKHex along with the Calculated CP flag, and does not flag it as legal.


*edit 2*

It is worth mentioning that setting all IVs to 31 and EVs to 200 yeilds a CP of 10000 if you use the Auto function in PKhex. My guess is there could be species specific max CPs like in PoGo?


*edit 3* 

I set the level of one of the edits pokemon to 40 and then set its CP to the max CP for that species, at level 40, in Pokemon GO, the legality flag for "Calculated CP does not match stored value" goes away and stays gone after viewing an actual legal pokemon. I am able to recreate this "solution" on other species at levels exceeding 40 up until the CP is at 10000 then the aforementioned error and bug happen.


*FINAL EDIT (solved?)*

After genning 6 Go Park pokemon to have max IV/EV stats, level 100, and guessing accurate-enough weight/heights I decided to put them in my game anyways. All 6 showed a CP in 10000 in PKHex and continued to display the "Calculated CP does not match stored value" flag when viewed after viewing a legal pookemon. Once they were in my copy of Let's Go Eevee, all 6 displayed CP levels of 15k or higher, presentably corresponding to being level 100 and their respective species.



-The auto calculate CP function in PKHex DOES work for level 100 pokemon and will set CPs higher than 10000

- The CP box in PKhex will display 10000 even if the actual CP is higher than this

- The false legal flag actually appears to be a false illegal flag set after viewing a pokemon with more than 10000 CP 

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