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Weekly Poll #9 Venusaur vs Torterra ReStarting

Mewtwo Ex

Venusaur vs Torterra  

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  1. 1. Venusaur vs Torterra

    • Venusaur will Leach seed you!
    • Torterra will Earthquake you to death!
    • None of the above.

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So knowing that our Wraith89 is departing from us i cannot help but make a thread like the ones he used to make.

So the weekly brawl will be between the first generation's grass type starter's final evolution against the fourth generations final grass starter's evolution.

Venusaur: [sprite]003[/sprite] [shinysprite]003[/shinysprite]

HP: 80

Attack: 82

Defense: 83

Sp. Attack: 100

Sp. Defense: 100

Speed: 80


+ It is partly Poison type so moves from that type do normal damage and is immune to poisoning attacks.

+ Has bigger Sp. stats

+ Can learn Sleep Powder, Poison Powder and Stun Spore

+ It finds a way to boost its Sp. Attack.

+ It is the final evolution of one of the most famous Pokemon ever.


- Being Poison type makes it weak to Psychic and Ground type moves.

- Has slightly weaker defense.

- Limited movepool.

Torterra: [sprite]389[/sprite] [shinysprite]389[/shinysprite]

HP: 95

Attack: 109

Defense: 105

Sp. Attack: 75

Sp. Defense: 85

Speed: 56


+ Has a Higher Attack and Defense.

+ Learns Ground attacks without the need of a TM helping deal with steel type based opponents.

+ Has decent HP

+ Learns moves that other Grass type have to breed to get.

+ Being Ground makes it immune to Electric type attacks.


- Being Ground type makes it take twice the damage from Ice type moves and normal damage from other not effective against Grass attacks.

- Has significantly low speed making it almost certain to hit last.

- Receives normal damage from Water based attacks.


I personally prefer Venosaur because it is the first Pokemon's number final evolution. And that requires respect. No to mention that it is still being used and i really enjoyed how it saved me in pinches.

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This is a tough decision, but I must go with Torterra. Torterra is more aesthetically pleasing than Venusaur and if you were to ride one there is a place to hold on to, the tree.

Looking at Torterra I realized that it might work with Trick Room active. I just think it would be hilarious watching a giant earth tortoise out speed a Weavile, and then beat it.

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I voted for Torterra, because (no offence) Venusaur just looks like a little weak flower to me and is a bit odd, while Torterra looks sturdy and cool

EDIT: Found a mistake:

In the Venusaur Part:


- Being Poison type makes it weak to Psychic and Ground type moves.

^^^ It is weak to Psychic but its Grass Attribute neutralises the damage from Ground types.

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I usually like to pick one but i really dont like either of these pokemon so i picked none of the above.

Also you said Venusaur is immune to electric attacks, am i missing something here because im pretty sure thats not true.

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