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Stats of Gen III roaming Pokemon


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Wasn't sure whether to put this question in the R/S/E section or Fr/Lg, since I'm asking about both sets of Gen III games. I was hoping someone could tell me at what point in the game the stats of the roaming Pokemon are set... for Latios and Latias in R/S/E, and the Legendary Beasts in Fr/Lg. Is it after you first beat the elite 4... or upon your first encounter with them... does it vary betweeen the games?

I'm asking because I'd like to know at what point I should avoid saving if I want to soft reset for different specimens of the roamers.

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Ah, thanks for the info. As for your question, I've been busy with a ton of schoolwork, lol.

I remember that there is a glitch in the game about the Kanto roamers. There was a thread if i recall well.

Yeah, I have read that one. The glitch (which affects Ruby/Sapphire as well, but not Emerald) has something to do with the roamer stats not being transferred properly after you catch them; limiting most of the IVs to 0... I think one can be as high as 7, and another 31. I'm not sure if v1.1 of Fr/Lg had this glitch, or if only Emerald was released late enough to get the fix... but I intend to find out after Pal Parking the roamer I catch in the FireRed game I'm currently playing (which is on a 1.1 game pak).

Ah well, I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with only being able to catch a single specimen of each Legendary Beast (two, if you count the ones in Colosseum). For the EONs, at least, I have Latias and Latios on Southern Island in Ruby and Emerald, respectively. So there can always be more of them.

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This is how the glitch happens:

In binary, a Pokemon's IVs are stored as this:


Where each value between slashes ranges from 00000 to 11111 in binary (0 to 31 in decimal).

So for example, the IVs 27/14/16/31/5 (with HP first and SpDef last) would be stored as:


What the glitch does is that it copies only the last eight numbers, changing the rest to zeros:


or 27/6/0/0/0/0

This means that only the HP IV is copied correctly; and the Attack IV can be no higher than 00111 in binary or 7 in decimal.


- HP is correct

- Defense, Speed, SpAtk, and SpDef all become 0

- If Attack is 16 or higher, subtract 16 from it

- If it is still 8 or higher, subtract 8 from it

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