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USUM - 7Eleven Japan Poke Ball x100


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Google translation grab from the page


From July 10 (Tue), when you buy two target ice creams in Seven - Eleven nationwide, you can receive one copy of the original design A5 clear file "Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters' Story"!
And the clear file comes with a serial code that can be used with Nintendo 3DS software "Pocket Monster Sun Moon Ultra Sun Ultra Moon", "100 monster balls" can be received!
Furthermore, if you are lucky, a very precious master ball and 99 monster balls will be named after "GO" of "Pocket Monsters Let's Go! Pikachu · Let's Go! Evey" which is scheduled to be booked on July 13 (Friday) It hits at a rate of "5" times once. Let's get it in store too!


Basically, buy 2 ice creams, and you get a clear file + serial code.
Multiple redemptions allowed, based on the amount of serial codes you have.

Serial code gift is Poke Ball x100, however there's a chance of getting Poke Ball x99 and Master Ball x1.

As it's a serial code event, we'll be getting it when it's uploaded :)


source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2018/07/180706_cm02.html?i0019=news

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