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SMUSUM-National Championship Krookodile


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Like each year Americans VGC players got an exclusive event.

This year it'll be Krookodile (based on the Japanese Champion?).

Moves: Earthquake, Crunch, Taunt, Protect.

Nature: Adamant.

Held Item: Groundium Z.

Ability: Intimidate.


Source: @iceposs2000


I'm so excited to finally got an event on one of my 10 most wanted Event Pokemon (except legendaries/shinies).


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1 hour ago, PlasmaColress said:

Hello, good day/afternoon/night.

I have a question, ¿do you have a .pk7 of that Krookodile event?

I hope this message can be sent correctly.


You can already get the wondercard from here and extract the .pk7 file with PKHex


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