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Pokemon Ranger Save FIle Encryption?

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Does anyone know how the save files of the first Pokemon Ranger game are encrypted? Or at least if there is any kind of encryption that has been commonly used for other NDS games which might have been used for Pokemon Ranger as well?
Shadows of Almia and Guardian Signs are not encrypted and I don't know any other NDS Pokemon game that has a fully encrypted save file.

Any idea about this matter would be appreciated, thanks.

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The thing is we have a Japanese save file with all 3 DLC packages WMission (Deoxys Mission & Manaphy Mission), Celebi Mission & Mew Mission. Thanks to this website just btw: https://ux.getuploader.com/savedate/download/226.

The Mew Mission was extreme rare and I have been looking for it for quite a while. (Years!)
It was distributed in partnership with ANA and you were only able to get it on respective airport terminals for the most part. Now the save file with all missions got finally leaked this year so we are damn lucky! The problem is the missions are already played and we would like to have a blank save file with the untouched special missions.

One idea from my side would be to maybe edit everything from memory and then save the game. It's complicated too though and regardless of which way we go some research might be required, to learn what activated the missions ect... since there was no option to delete the save file but a new game option, I kinda wonder how fresh a newly started game is? At least the missions won't be removed from what I remember?

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