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Invalid: OT Memory: Intensity should be at least [NUMBER HERE].

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I am keep getting this error with my Pokemon from gen 6 and don't understand what it means or how to fix them. Some of them originally started with, "Invalid: OT Memory: Invalid Feeling" and when I change the feeling / memory with OT I get that error.

How would I go on fixing this?


172 ★ - Pichu - 52B5C2D83B82.pk7

254 - Sceptile - 0F1D4CA2D96E.pk7

257 - Blaziken - 5F72C4ABF079.pk7

260 - Swampert - 6A75AEE915FF.pk7

295 - Exploud - 568F443931E2.pk7

306 - Aggron - 0600415CFBD0.pk7

319 - Sharpedo - 37D12C22B5F2.pk7

346 - Cradily - 9BDA6E4E8595.pk7

348 - Armaldo - 69AD162515E4.pk7

700 - Sylveon - B19BE43FE5FD.pk7

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