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Which Lycanroc should I choose?

Lycanroc, Lycanroc or Lycanroc?  

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  1. 1. Which Lycanroc should I choose?

    • Midday
    • Midnight
    • Dusk

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Hello guys!

So today I'm gonna forward a question, it's about the amazing cute rocktype, ROCKRUFF. Rockruff is one of the must haves in sun & moon and also ultra sun & ultra moon. You guys may know this already but Rockruff has 3 evolutions. They are namely, midday Lyconarac, midnight Lyconarac, and also the new one dusk Lyconarac. They are all commonly known as Lyconarac. So every evolution has a strength, midnight Lyconarac has more HP than the other 2 while midday Lyconarac has more speed, and the dusk Lyconarac is more like midday Lyconarac. I personally have a Rockruff and it's LVL is 23 and it evolve at LVL 25. So the favour I'm asking is to you guys to tell me who to evolve Rockruff to. Also another important fact there is a rumour that is there will be another evolution of Rockruff soon. Most probably with the name dawn Lyconarac. So guys leave your suggestions. THANKS!

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Midday & Midnight Lycanroc(respectively)


Dusk Lycanroc


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There probably won't be a Dawn form; a special new form called Dusk form has already been debut, and not every Rockruff can evolve into it. Unless they make another version of Sun and Moon, I don't expect to see any newer Lycanroc forms.

I say evolve it into Midnight form. It's pretty badass

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