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I'm a little confused about egg/relearn moves. My understanding was that a bred pokemon can inherit moves from its parents based on it's listed egg move list. For example: Cyndaquil - Moves.

Cyndaquil, like many other pokemon, has a slew of egg moves listed. Nowhere in Cyndaquils' egg moves is flamethrower.

Here is a Cyndaquil I bred:


As you can see, flamethrower is the second relearn move listed. PKHEX thankfully sees this as being legal which it should be as the poke was bred and hatched in game. My question is, how do I know what moves can and can not be egg moves for a given pokemon? As it stands, my way of figuring this out is by simply punching in a move I'd like to have under relearn moves and see if pkhex gives me an error but I'd like a better approach if one exists. If anyone can shed any light on this I'd appreciate it. Thank you.

On a side note, there are other instances of this happening for various pokes, I just used Cyndaquil as an example.


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When it comes to eggs the "Relearn Moves" is filled with the moves that the Pokemon knew when it hatched.  Pokemon from eggs can inherent moves through many methods which are, egg moves, if a parent knows a TM move that the offspring can also learn then the child will also have the move, if both parents know a move that the child can learn at any level then the child will get the move, and lastly the moves that the Pokemon should know at the level which it hatches at.  In your case Flamethrower was most likely learnt by one of the parents knowing the move and since it is also a TM move your Cyndaquil knew it from birth.

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