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The Big September Update

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We just got finished applying some back-end server updates. Nothing particularly interesting, but we have some other exciting announcements.


For years, we've used IRC as our primary instant messaging service. Now, we have a Discord guild where you can discuss anything.

Advantages of Discord over IRC:

  • See message history without having to be connected
  • Cross platform - use it on desktop, mobile, or in a web browser
  • More formatting options, including the same reactions as what we have in the forums

Guild link: https://discord.gg/pmATjZw

IRC isn't going anywhere, and we still plan to use it for more technical discussions.


Project Pokémon gets its funding from two sources: advertisements and administrators. Nobody likes advertisements, and things can get expensive when only a few people bankroll a dedicated server. Thanks to Patreon, hopefully we can fix that. Patreon is a place where users can help support us, helping give Project Pokémon a more stable future. People who donate will receive the following rewards:

  • No more advertisements
  • Gold username on the forums and Discord
  • Sneak-peeks of upcoming features

Project Pokémon Patreon

The Image Gallery

Speaking of sneak-peeks of upcoming features, one new feature that's been in the works for quite a while is now ready. Today, we introduce our Image-dex. Here, you can find a collection of Pokémon images from various games and generations.


Art Competition

We need a new banner and icon for things like Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon, so we're holding an art competition. The winner will be awarded a special username color on the forums and Discord, a forum badge, and credit wherever the image is used. Details are in the art competition thread:


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