Project Pokémon needs some new branding art, specifically a banner and a square logo, so we're holding an art competition. Here's how it works: Participants will submit art in this thread from now until October 13. Members will have 2 weeks to vote for the best submission. Members must have at least approved 50 posts in order to vote, as of the close of the voting period. The winner will be awarded a colored username here and on Discord, as well as a forum badge. Additionally, credit will be provided wherever the image is used. Submission Criteria: Images should be PNG files. Additionally submitting project files (Photoshop, Gimp, etc.) is requested, but not required. Images should prominately display the text "Project Pokémon" Banners should include the text "Pokémon Through Innovation" Banners should be approximately 1000 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. Larger images are acceptable (and preferable) as long as the aspect ratio is the same (5 wide:1 high), and text is readable when resized to 1000x200. Logos should be approximately 250x250 pixels. Larger images are acceptable (and preferable) as long as the aspect ratio is 1:1. Content features original drawings and background; plagiarism not accepted You may place your name/username in the corner of each image so long as it does not draw undue attention to itself